Air AmbulanceAir Trek Air Ambulance, one of the Nation’s oldest air ambulance services, is a family owned and operated air medical program that has been providing aeromedical transportation service since 1978.

AIR TREK AIR AMBULANCE is a full service air ambulance and commercial repatriation service who is fully licensed by State of Florida Department of Health.

AIR TREK’S aeromedical staff consists of Emergency Physicians, Critical Care Registered Nurses (CCRNs), Flight Paramedics, and Registered Respiratory Therapists (RRTs). Each of these Aeromedical Transport Specialists has received additional training in aeromedical care, aircraft safety, and aviation physiology. Prior to each flight, the Medical Director or his designee will speak with the patient’s physician or nurse to gather the information needed to maintain the patient’s continuity of care during transport. This insures the patient receives the care they deserve. The Aeromedical Transport Specialists follow specific transport protocols to address any concerns that may arise during flight – or they may elect to contact the patient’s physician via flight phone. Having the ability to contact a physician while in flight is another means of providing you with the confidence in knowing the patient is being properly cared for.